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He added: “All sport is open to levels of corruption and

football is no different but to have youth team matches involved was

outside the realms of our thinking.

RACKET: Record story

We revealed that SPL reserve and under-21 games have been targeted

by Far East football punters who are wagering millions of pounds on the

outcome of matches.

“It’s incredible to find out there is so much being waged

on our youth team games.

The swoop comes just 48 hours after the Daily Record exposed their

involvement in Scottish football.

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They have taken steps to protect their kids from being lured into


“It has also served as an excellent test of national, regional

and international police co-operation ahead of the 2008 Olympic


INTERPOL arrested 423 people yesterday in the fight against illegal

Asian betting rings.

Murray Park Academy technical manager Tommy Wilson said he was

amazed to learn of the betting.

The revelations that youth games were becoming big business in Asia

have shocked Rangers Academy coaches.

Interpol executive director Jean-Michel Louboutin hailed

yesterday’s operation as a major victory in the war against illegal


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He said: “This operation has not only seriously affected the

activities of organised crime gangs throughout Asia.


Police have shut down 272 gambling dens which were thought to have

handled pounds 340million worldwide.

But we’ve done as much as we can to help steer our young

players in the right direction.”

Law enforcers from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam

were involved in the crackdown.

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