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m88 the question is, can the South Korea team repeat what happened in 2002 wherein they finished fourth overall. I can’t say we’re pleased with the draw, but we accept it. That is a big feat and they are the only team in Asia to reach that. And all fingers crossed across South Korea as they cheer their players to the 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010. Hopes are high and qualifying for the second round is one of their biggest hopes. Furthermore they appeared eight times already (including this year) and continuously since 1986 at World Cup event.

Let us see who will win in their first two games schedule on the 12th and 17th of June 2010 that of South Korea against Argentina and Greece. We have to qualify for the second round – that’s our objective for this World Cup,’

South Korea emerge as a winner among all Asians in the 2002 World Cup as they reached the semi finals and was declared fourth overall.

South Korea never lost in any of its 14 qualification matches, so that is another thing to consider and reason to be hopeful. They are fighting with the group of winners like Argentina, Nigeria and Greece for the first round and these are good teams as well.

The very famous Lee Young Pyo– South Korean football player — who is well famous for his speed and dribbling skills had this to say ” —- There will be no easy teams at the World Cup.

. It’s difficult to rate our chances, but we can get wins against Greece and Nigeria

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